Augmented Data Pipelines
Pypr (pronounced "piper") makes data pipelines more Accessible, Reproducible, and Cost-efficient
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Pypr is the result of a collaborative effort to improve the quality and efficacy of research. This achievement was made possible by the generous contributions of scientists and developers from across the globe.

What problem does Pypr solve?

If you have a driver's license, you can operate a wide range of cars regardless of their makes and models, since car controls are greatly standardized (e.g. gas pedal is always on the right and brake is always on the left). Unlike cars, computer programs lack such standardized controls. As a result, interacting with each new program often requires a separate training process.

For example, to pass input to a command line program, you may need to use the flag "-i", "--file", "--source", another flag, or you may not need a flag at all. Consulting software manuals to learn the expected flags and other arbitrary requirements such as input formats and environmental settings can significantly reduce productivity.

Pypr offers a universal user interface to abstract away irrelevant software differences. This allows you to focus on your data and spend less time on software troubleshooting.

Why use Pypr?

Pypr enables you to...
  • visually audit the entire pipeline at a glance.
  • make fine-grained modifications within GUI.
  • have full control over the underlying codes.
  • automate pipeline interoperability checks.
  • automate repetitive tasks like reformatting.
  • run, debug, reuse, and share pipelines easily.
  • run pipelines in the cloud or on-premise.
  • run each app on a different server.
These features may be rolled out across several releases.

Who is Pypr for?

Although initially planned for use by academic researchers to reduce the overhead of research software engineering, Pypr can now help programmers, developers, and hobbyists with automating computer tasks.
Exclusive Perks
Pypr is planned to be released by 2025. You may access Pypr for Free. However, by making an early investment in our continuous research and development, you will unlock the following exclusive perks:

  1. Gain early access to upcoming features.
  2. Self-host Pypr with your own branding.
  3. Reserve your preferred username.
  4. Use Pypr's exclusive discussion board.
  5. Be credited as an early backer.

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